About Us

As ELEKTROGES, we supply all electronic network components you need with the help of our proficiency in electronic component industry, and global supply network.

ELEKTROGES: Your reliable solution partner for supplying electronic components

With our experience over 20 years in electric – electronic material import, we founded ELEKTROGES Elektronik Tic. Ltd. Şti. in order to provide fast and innovative solutions for electronic product supply operations. We meticulously provide material supplies with convenient prices according to the quality standards suitable for your project needs. Therefore, we ship from America, Europe and the Far East altogether.

Furthermore, by being your solution partner if current materials are not produced anymore or have a higher market price because of product restrictions, we offer their similar equivalents available in different brands.

We Shorten Time to Market New Products

In the 21th century, continuous innovation is essential. Therefore, from data communication to IoT, in all of your processes of electronic, pcb and embedded systems, our main mission is to have our customers market their latest products faster by shortening product supply period with the aim of reducing the cost.

The Fastest, The Most Reliable and Economical

We are always trying to improve ourselves along with our vision to provide you the products of the most prominent electronic component producers as earliest as possible for optimum prices. From order to delivery, we have the fastest material supply chain.

Focus on Product Development!

High-Tech Components from Scratch

Don’t compromise on performance: We deliver the latest technology electronic components you need so that you can develop advanced technology products such as transformers and power units, connectors, SMD/PCB electronic circuit components, coolers and communications modules as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, LTE, etc.

Order, stock, import, shipment, delivery…
Don’t worry about compelling details of product supply, let us take care of them!

ELEKTROGES Elektronik Tic. Ltd. Şti.