With our experience, we offer hardware and software designs in industrial, medical, automotive and defense sectors. MCU, MPU, SoC, FPGA gibi bileşenler kullanarak EMI/EMC, IEC, ISO, IPC, MIL-STD gibi standartlara uygun projeleri hayata geçiriyoruz.

Industrial Expertise in Hardware and Software Design

Based on our experience in the industrial, medical, automotive, and defense industries, we bring your projects that require hardware and software design compliant with global standards such as EMI/EMC, IEC, ISO, IPC, MIL-STD, using MCU, MPU, SoC, FPGA for your digital, analog, power electronics, IoT, and RF-based systems within a One-Stop company structure.

How Does Our Project Management Process Work?

Our project management process is focused on customer satisfaction and aims to be in constant communication with our customers at every stage. Thus, we work in collaboration to understand the needs correctly and complete the project successfully.

System Design

We determine your requirements and design the system together according to your company’s needs.

Project Start

Upon your approval, we start the project within the framework of the agreed contract.


During the design phase, we review the project together with you.

Prototype Production

After producing a prototype, we complete the design verification process.

Serial Production

We proceed to the mass production stage of the project.

Learn More About Your Project and Let's Take Action Together!

We offer a tailor-made solution to all our customers who are not in the electronics industry, who just have an “Idea or Need”. Because our goal is to turn your ideas into reality and offer solutions that fit your needs.

Share the details of your project with us by filling out the contact form and meet our team who are eagerly waiting to get in touch with you!


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    Every week we supply electronic components by wholesale from global distributers such as Digikey, Mouser, Rochester, TTI, Arrow, Avnet, Future, Verical and Master.


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